Wednesday, February 9, 2011

God's Perfect Masterpiece

Philippians 1:6 

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Ok, so I dropped the ball on week one!  I was so encouraged the the coments I received, and I was so excited how my first week begun....and then when I was actually going to sit and write, I felt very discouraged.  I was able to start strong for a few days.....then the rest of the past two weeks were up and down.  This morning as I was having my prayer time, God really encouraged me not to focus on what I didn't accomplish, but focus on what I did!  I know that God is working on me...I know He has begun a good work, and is working on perfecting it in me.  I am his masterpiece and he will continue to work on me till I reach perfection!  How encouraging!  So, since I am not focusing on what I didn't do, guess what I accomplished this week?
*** I walked/jogged 5 days the past two weeks!  (Yes, even in the snow!)***
*** I used me aerobic step for 20 minutes while watching TV 6 times the past two weeks!***
*** I used the wii fit 4 times the past two weeks!*** 
(The wii informed me that I have lost a couple pounds, but I don't know how much since I'm avoiding  looking at the numbers)

Ok - I know I have a long way to go...not where I would like to be...but it's a start!  Thank you for all the encouraging words!  It was such a blessing!

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  1. Progress, not perfection. Sarah, you've got a wonderful attitude, and a beautiful inner spirit. I am confident that God is going to work in and through you in ways you can't even begin to know yet! Keep pressing on!! =)