Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Day...No Distractions..Me...God...Bible...Books...and a Computer!!!

Sounds incredible, huh????

That is just what I have today.  My husband and I are in Chicago on a business trip for his company.  He is gone all day and I have to get to stay in a hotel all by myself.

Although, I originally wanted to stay home and paint my dining room (That would have been awesome as well).  This is where I am spending my day...

Don't be Jealous, this will probably NEVER happen again!!! 

Thanks to my good friend, Jennette, for encouraging me to leave and being willing to help with my kids!!!

I'm thinking I need this day of refreshment, to spend time with my Savior!

Oh, by the way, David's work pays for this trip... but we booked it, and I think it is pretty awesome that we got this suite for $55/night thanks to priceline - name your own price!!!  It even has a full kitchen! 

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