Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's a Makeover!

I love makeovers of all kinds!  I love watching all the TV shows that reveal new and better things.  I love it all - home makeovers, beauty  makeovers, weight makeovers and even fashion makeovers!  I love seeing things "become beautiful".  So today, I am introducing my new blog - made over!


So why the makeover?

There is something about creating something with your own hands that makes you feel accomplished.  I love to attempt and try new things!  A year ago, I decided  to try my hand at soap making.  I was pretty easy and so much fun!
 (Warning:  There are dangers in working with lye in soap making, please read on all dangers before attempting yourself)
A couple of weeks ago, I was able to sell my products for the first time at an event our church hosted.  It was a blast, and I actually made money!  I recently decided to open my own etsy store!

So, here's my new blog to go along with my new etsy store!  Feel free to visit often!

(I am still going to post about my weight struggles, they will just be under the "my weight struggle" button at the top)

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