Friday, December 9, 2011

Fun Bags!

I don't sew!
I own a sewing machine, but have never done anything more than a straight line on a curtain.  That being said, I am super proud to share with you this project that I did earlier this year!

I lead a small group of 5th grade girls at my church.  I really wanted to give them something special to carry their Bible's and journal's in.  I also wanted to attempt to make them!

Look at all the fun material:

I actually did these without a pattern.  My first ones had to be taken apart a few times before I got the hang of what I was doing.

Here is how they turned out:                                     My youngest - K-Jo modeling :)


Here they all all - what do you think?

All the girls actually bring their Bibles and journals EVERY week!


  1. These are super cute! I have a sewing machine that I have yet to take out of the box, for about 8 years now. I know, sad. :)

  2. These are great! You did a good job. I am just now starting to use my sewing machine a little bit. It helps to have something fun to make though:)

  3. Thanks girls! Yes, this was the first time my sewing machine had been up from the basement in a long time!